What is the big data hadoop technology and services forecast 2017–2019?

https://goo.gl/8gLX9B  The way IT-training institute’s online and real-time classroom centers offers Hadoop training and Big data certification shows, it has ample job demand with IT/Software industry for data analytics. There are many surveys conducted by top rating agencies and found that the future of Big Data Technologies is developing rapidly with cutting edge technology.


The Big Data market research forecast 2015-2019 as the prime importance of business analytics with Big Data. The Business Analytics markets do consist of all industries, who are willing to adopt the latest in business analytic software and use of cloud computing.


The existing top notch companies like Google, Amazon, and Wal-Mart is already using various Big Data Hadoop computing software/tools and have shown real-time benefits out of computing technology used on Big Data analytics. When comes to speed of calculation, data storage capacity, data mining, data sorting and manipulation are fast and accurate to visualize those big data.


The computing, on various cloud platforms using Hadoop has proven many positive results in making business decisions. This also saves money on IT infrastructure and save time too for any business who adopt Big Data analytics using Hadoop cloud. In the coming years, there are many industries across the globe are moving towards cloud to change as per the business analytics trends and technology in computing.


Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.quora.com


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