The death of hadoop interview questions and answers?  However, an interview may ask a question based on your previous work experience and any other computing skills. The interview question for Freshers with Apache Big data, Hadoop certification may be a different one. Nevertheless, the below mentioned are some common Hadoop interview questions for fresher any interviewer may ask a candidate while applying for Big Data jobs in software and ITes.


  1. What is Big Data and how it is use full for business?
  2. Can you tell me something about Big Data Solutions?
  3. What is the 4-V’s of Big Data?What is Hadoop?
  4. What are the main components of Hadoop?
  5. Explain in few sentences about HDFS
  6. What are the advantages of Hadoop over an RDBMS
  7. What is the difference between Hadoop and SQL
  8. Can you name few companies, who use Hadoop
  9. Can you explain about Structured Data and unstructured data?
  10. What do you know about Hadoop Streaming?
  11. Can you tell something about hardware configuration to run Hadoop
  12. Explain me about few benefits of Big Data?
  13. What are the current challenges every industry is facing on Big Data?
  14. What do you know about cloud computing?

The Big Data Hadoop training and certification from reputed institutes online or offline will enable you to explain above all questions smartly. This is because they teach you Hadoop in an interactive manner and through using the licensed Hadoop software.

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