What are the course objectives of Data Science Training?

  • Learners are taught to understand business intelligence and business and data analytics
  • To understand the business data analysis through the powerful tools of data application
  • Learn how to apply Tableau, MapReduce, and get introduced in to R and R+
  • Understand the methods of data mining and creation of decision tree
  • Explore different aspects of Big Data Technologies
  • Learn the concepts of loop functions and debugging tools
learn hadoop
Data science training in bangalore

What are the pre-requisites for the Data science course? 

Learners should have an aptitude for analytical thinking. It is necessary to have quantitative skills. Technical background and programming knowledge will be an added advantage to join this course. Anybody who is interested in the field of data analytics can join the course to hone their skills.

Big Data and Analytics are the most active frontier for innovation. The analysis of colossal data sets is highly important in government, marketing, medicine, finance , business and beyond. As the world of big science is flourishing the novel resources for growth and understanding in the world also explodes and to share the insights all experts at the forefront of big data come together to frequently share their knowledge at the world’s leading Big data.

The event would be rich with information about latest methods, tools and best of the best practices in the world of data science. The attendees will have the privilege to avail most of this flood of information and can make the most of the insights and data analysis. It is a must event for every budding Data scientist, Data Science professionals and other Data Science patriots.


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